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  1. Hey, Ulli

    I noticed that you didn’t include my last post. I don’t mean to come across as snarky.

    I noted in today’s post the passage, “…for us trend trackers, nothing was lost, and nothing was gained.” As you (probably) know, I’m a Buy and Hold investor. I stayed in, as is my wont. Your statement about nothing lost is accurate for me, as I did not sell anything, hence, did not create a taxable event. For those who fled to cash on 11/15/18 will receive a call from the Tax Man. Nothing lost?


  2. Post

    Sure, for those with taxable accounts, the tax man will call. Most of my clients, however, have retirement accounts, so there will will no consequences.

    On the other hand, if this had been a drop of say 50%, which will happen at some point, I argue that it’s far better to avoid portfolio disaster than worry about the taxes. Right now, you can thank the Fed for its policy U-turn. Next time, when bubble goes into burst mode, you may not be that lucky…

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