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The World’s Economic Forum yearly retreat in Davos, Switzerland attracted the usual cadre of high-flying financiers and CEOs from around the world. No question that the egos of many participants were bruised last year as a crippled financial system and a deep global downturn changed the tone of the seminars and meetings. Nouriel Roubini, who forecasted much of the current …

No Load Fund/ETF Tracker updated through 1/29/2009

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My latest No Load Fund/ETF Tracker has been posted at: sell offs caused the major indexes to lose for the week and for the month. Our Trend Tracking Index (TTI) for domestic funds/ETFs remains below its trend line (red) by -11.01% thereby confirming the current bear market trend. The international index now remains -19.74% below its own trend line, keeping …

I Want Some TARP

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Thanks to reader John for submitting the below video clip titled “I want some TARP.” Now that the only requirement to get on the federal TARP program (Troubled Assets Relief Program) seems to be an extreme high level of debt along with near insolvency, there are bound to be many others asking for free money. Enjoy! [youtube=]


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Random Roger had some interesting thoughts in his recent post titled “Monday Musings:”This may come off as an unpleasant rant. Between a couple of articles I found over the weekend and watching the Consuelo Mack show on PBS I came away with a very low regard for the way some folks do things. First up was an article from Morningstar …

More Mutual Fund Pain

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MarketWatch reports “Much more pain to come, says fund manager.” Let’s look at some highlights: Investors hoping to see an economic improvement in 2009 may be in for a rude awakening if one fund manager is to be believed. Jeremy Grantham, chairman at value shop GMO, said that he thinks there will be far more write-downs than is currently assumed, …

Reader Question: Making Losses Permanent?

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The emails from investors, who have held on to their long positions during this bear market, keep coming in. Here’s what reader Dave had to say: I am 73 and still working. Against all advice, I remained 80% in stocks because I felt I had such a long way to go to be able to afford to retire, and was …