Sunday Musings: Higher Interest Rates Ahead?

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Reader Jim pointed to an article titled “Bracing for Higher Interest Rates.” Here are some highlights: That was the unmistakable message from the Federal Reserve last week when it increased the discount rate, the rate it charges banks for borrowing reserves. Although the move came sooner than many expected, it was a healthy step toward more normal conditions and a …

Bond ETF Bubble Protection

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ETF Trends featured “How to Protect Yourself from a Bond ETF Bubble.” Here are some excerpts:It’s going to happen sooner or later: interest rates can’t remain at record lows indefinitely. The Federal Reserve at some point is going to have to step in and raise them. If you’re holding bond exchange traded funds (ETFs), you need to understand the risks …

No Load Fund/ETF Tracker updated through 2/25/2010

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My latest No Load Fund/ETF Tracker has been posted at: roller coaster ride with the major indexes ending up slightly to the downside. Our Trend Tracking Index (TTI) for domestic funds/ETFs has now crossed its trend line (red) to the upside by +3.85% keeping the current buy signal intact. The effective date was June 3, 2009. The international index has …

Why China Buys Our Debt

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Reader Tom sent in the following video designed to enhance your understanding of China. It’s very interesting analogy, especially the punch line. Look for it at the end. [youtube=]

Waning Confidence

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Not surprising, although unexpected to many, the consumer confidence reading fell to a 10-months low yesterday taking the starch out of the market with all major indexes giving back some of last week’s gains. This brings the validity of the current recovery back on the front burner. With unemployment and underemployment at records levels with no end in sight, real …


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No, this discussion is not about a tiebreaker in a tennis match, although with a similarly intended outcome. Reader David emailed recently and pointed out that in the StatSheet some of the mutual fund/ETF rankings (as per my M-Index) were showing a tie. What should he use as a tiebreaker? Should the M-Index rankings be shown not only as a …