More Downside Risk?

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Based on last week’s market rebound, you’d think that Wall Street investors have absolutely nothing to worry about. Of course, the market was so oversold that a bounce was overdue no matter how many negative economic news events flashed across the computer screens.

For more on that, and what may be in store over the next couple of years, take a look at economist Nourial Roubini’s video.

He was one of the few who forecast the current crisis two years ago and, while that does not guarantee that he will be right again, he offers some compelling arguments about where he thinks the S&P; 500 will end up before this crisis is over. You will be surprised!


While I don’t have these kinds of forecasting abilities, I agree with his assessment knowing that a bottom will eventually be established. Our Trend Tracking Indexes (TTIs) will then guide us back into the next buy cycle which, fortunately, requires no guess work, or special abilities to look into the future, on my part.

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  1. Ulli should an invest look at buying the uup and fxy to catch the upside of the dallar and japan coming back. Are those ETF a good thing to invest in as i have never bought them before…..?Wade

  2. Ulli,

    Just like to thank yu for inserting these videos especially from Bloomberg. They are increditably informative and appreciate that yu share yur research.

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