Rare Earth Metals ETF

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This past week, Van Eck Funds introduced the Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF with the ticker REMX (see 5-day chart courtesy of YahooFinance).

Much has been written about rare earth metals lately as China, which produces 95% of the world’s elements, has threatened to limit exports of these crucial metals.

REMX invests in the stock of companies that mine minerals such as dysprosium (used for lasers, hard drives) and europium (TV screens and fluorescent lamps) among others.

These are crucial elements which are not only used for day-to-day products but some also have military applications, such as in guidance systems.

As is the case with all new promising ETFs, I want to see some 9 months of price action to be able to determine trends and average volume. I will then add and track it via my data base along with its various momentum figures.

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