Sunday Musings: A New Real Estate Book

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In the face of only negative real estate news for most of this year, as a result of the Subprime/credit crisis, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) managed to dispense any kind of information related to the topic with a positive undertone. I am not sure if that was out of sheer ignorance or a motivation to rally the troops.

Minyanville’s Kevin Depew had this to say in “Five things you need to know (item 4):”

In 2005, National Association of Realtors Chief Economist David Lereah released the book, “Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom? Why Home Values and Other Real Estate Investments Will Climb Through the End of the Decade – and How to Profit From Them.”

Interestingly, the title for the 2006 edition of the book was changed to: “Why the Real Estate Boom Will Not Bust – and How You Can Profit From It.”

Below are Minyanville’s suggestions for subsequent title revisions in later editions of Lereah’s book through 2015:

2007: “Why the Real Estate Boom Will Not Bust and How Foreclosures are Technically Part of the Continuing Real Estate Boom, In a Way.”

2008: “Why the Real Estate Boom in Distressed Properties Will Not Bust (except in certain local markets) and How You Can Use Leverage to Profit From It.”

2009: “Why the Phrase “Real Estate Boom” is Often Misunderstood to Mean Higher Prices and How You Can Pray for Them.”

2010: “Why the Real Estate Boom Will Soon Bounce Back and How to Eventually Profit From It.”

2011: “Why Did I Have to Write “The Real Estate Boom Will Not Bust Through the End of the Decade” and How Did I Not Realize How Long A Decade Really Is?”

2012: “Oh, Dear God, Please, Please Let the Real Estate Boom Bounce Back… and How You Can Profit From It.”

2013: “Please, Please, Just Let the Real Estate Boom Come Back This One Time for This One House and How You Can Break Even From It.”

2014: “Why I Am Willing to Accept a Small Loss of 35% On the Real Estate Boom and No Longer Care About How to Profit From It.”

2015: “Why Can I Maybe Borrow a Couple Dollars Off You Until the Real Estate Bust is Over?”

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