Introducing The M-Index: Major Upgrade To The No Load Fund/ETF Tracker

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After months of work, I am pleased to announce that the weekly StatSheet has been improved by adding an additional column called the M-Index (Momentum Index). The M-Index represents one momentum number, which you can use to simply and quickly identify the top performing funds/ETFs in any category.

Since it is calculated based on the average of the existing momentum figures (4wk, 8wk, 12wk, YTD), you no longer have to agonize as to which one might be most important factor for your selection process: The higher the M-Index number, the stronger the upside momentum of that fund/ETF. It does not mean that a high M-Index is right for you as it also indicates the most volatility. If you’re more conservative, drop down a number or 2 on the ranking system.

Starting with next week’s issue, all StatSheet tables will be sorted by the M-Index in descending order. Want to have a sneak preview? Take a look at the current ETF Master list featuring 470 ETFs. It is updated through 8/24/07.

Feel free to e-mail me a comment if you like. While I will read all comments, I may not be able to respond to all of them.

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  1. Ulli,

    Is the avg fo the various weeks a straight avg or is it weighted by chance with the most recent given a higher weight in the avg?

    tks much for all your efforts


  2. With the market down would you be better off buying low number funds rather than the high M number funds?
    Have you explained your formula for giving the M number value? I have been on vacation last two weeks so not up to date on all your explanations. Thank You

  3. Anonymous,

    No I don’t buy funds that are on the way down; so my prefernce are the higher momentum numbers. Trying to pick a bottom is what gets most investors into trouble.

    The M-Index is explained in the above post.


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