No Load Fund/ETF Tracker Update: Latest StatSheet Improvements

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As you have seen in the last 2 weekly issues, the StatSheet has been expanded to contain more momentum data, which is now presented in PDF format. This allows me to more easily add new ETFs from the ever increasing menu of choices and enables you to better print out only those areas you’re interested in.

Here are some of the latest changes:

1. The New Venture funds have been included in the Sector ETF section, which now features 197 ETFs. You will note that many are fairly new and have not yet been around long enough to show momentum figures for all time periods. However, I think it’s worthwhile to have them included to see how they develop.

Additionally, many new health care ETFs have been added. It’s is amazing how much they have been sliced and diced into mini sectors. Same here; while they should not be used as an investment at this time due to lack of historical data, they will hopefully be of value in the future.

2. The bear market fund/ETF listings have been expanded to include 31 funds

3. The domestic ETF listings are now featuring 201 funds

4. In case you are interested in income ETFs, a new section called “Bond and Dividend ETFs” has been added.

5. If you like to get the big picture of the ETF world, the Master ETF list has now been increased to show 497 ETFs. That means our StatSheet currently features every worthwhile ETF available.

To keep the same consistency throughout, the sorting order for all tables remains at ‘4-wk.’ I am contemplating other changes as more investment products become available.

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