Major Market ETFs Head Back South Again

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After 3 up days, the short-term trend abruptly reversed, and the major market ETFs slipped based in part on speculation that Fed chief Bernanke’s widely anticipated announcement tomorrow may not include a major stimulus idea. If so, that lack of action could further accelerate the downward momentum and confirm the current bearish market tendencies.

Misery For Equity ETFs; PRPFX Hedge Gains

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The markets took another nosedive today as Morgan Stanley warned about a global recession, which caused 10-year Treasury yields to drop below 2% as the flight to safety continued. As a reader of this blog, the dreaded “R” word (as in ‘Recession,’ not in ‘Recovery’) should be a familiar tune, as I have commented about this very possibility for quite …

Weak Economic News Drag Down Equity ETFs

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Weak economic news proved to be a drag on equity ETFs as Europe’s main engine, Germany, just about stalled in regards to second quarter GDP. Domestically, housing starts in July were nothing to brag about. German and French leaders proposed to better coordinate financial planning and to enact a tax on financial transactions. Lovely; I wonder if there ever will …

Major Market ETFs Surge On Buyout

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The markets stayed in rally mode for the third day in a row, supported by rises in Asia and Europe, along with the announcement by Google to buy Motorola Mobility. The major Market ETFs have now recovered all of their losses since the U.S. debt downgrade on August 5. Despite this bit of euphoria, the problems that prompted the downturn …