Sunday Musings: One More Rally

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Several columnists and newsletter writers have been downright bearish in their assessment of the markets. Even MarketWatch’s own Paul Farrell recently chimed in with “Crash Dead Ahead.”

One reader sent me a copy of Richard Russell’s Dow Theory newsletter, in which he advised his subscribers (May issue) to sell all stocks. For a different view, and that one-more-rally appears to be on the horizon, here are Harry Dent’s observations:


While I can agree with most of what’s being said, no one knows for sure if this “one more rally” concept will materialize. My preference is to ‘listen’ to the markets via its trends, which allows me to arrive at a conclusion as to what my investment stance should be.

I suggest you do the same and get away from predictions and opinions as much as you can. While you can get lucky that way, the odds are not in your favor.

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