Why China Buys Our Debt

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Reader Tom sent in the following video designed to enhance your understanding of China. It’s very interesting analogy, especially the punch line. Look for it at the end.


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  1. Ulli,

    There is something I don't understand about your (and others) whole smoke and mirrors analogy regarding the recovery.
    Aren't these companies that are reporting good profits, up quite a bit from a year ago, actually making money? And if these companies are making money:
    1. wouldn't that mean that the recovery is underway?
    2. Isn't that all we should really care about as investors?

  2. Chuck,

    Sure, as trend followers we dont't rally care why the marekts go up; we just follow the direction. However, investors tend to become complancent, which is why I voice my view of the economy. I just want to make sure, that the sell stops are never forgotten should the bear resume its trend all of a sudden.


  3. LOL Ulli,

    Now you sound like a converted ex bear, LOL!
    I caught a radio interview with Jason Kelly. He is an advsor with website, book, etc. etc. I'm sure you've heard of him. He's based out of Japan. He said the japanese people don't even own stocks anymore! Hard for me to believe, but I have to assume he knows what he's talking about as far as Japan.

    Anyway, this got me thinking, what DID work in Japan during their two lost decades? I mean something had to have gone up, commodities, real estate (I think not!), bonds. Any idea?

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