Sunday Musings: The Economic Hit Man

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Not too long ago, I read John Perkins’ bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” It’s an extraordinary real-life tale which exposes international intrigue, corruption and little known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world.

John describes economic hit men as “highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder.”

John Perkins should know—he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S.—from Indonesia to Panama—to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to U.S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank, and other U.S.-dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks—dictating repayments terms and bullying foreign governments into submission.

It is a compelling story that also offers hope and a vision for realizing the American dream of a just and compassionate world that will bring us greater security. A fascinating read, I give it thumbs up.

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