Sunday Musings: Something For Nothing

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Not too long ago, I read Brian Tracy’s book “Something for Nothing,” which deals with an emotional, economic and sociological epidemic which is sweeping across America and the world today.

Tracy argues that this phenomenon destroys individuals, undermines societies while at the same time threatens the future of civilization. The epidemic he refers to is rooted in the out-of-control and insatiable demands of thousands and millions of people trying to get “something for nothing.”

His main argument is that our country’s greatness is based on honesty, integrity and fair dealing. However, today these principals are undermined by people attempting to take rewards they have not earned and riches they do not deserve from other people.

Tracy proves that this is not, nor has it ever been, the American way. While he zeros in on the problem, he helps the reader set a personal and culture-wide agenda for change in our nation.

It’s a well written book and, while you may not agree with every assessment, I found myself stimulated to think about the problems he addresses, which made it a worthwhile read for me.

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