ETF Investing: Surviving Last Week’s Sell Off

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Whenever markets pull back, I like to view those areas that not only survived but actually posted some gains. A good way is to look at the ETF Master list since it contains some 500 ETFs including all types of orientations.

Besides the obvious winners, short funds, there have been others that bucked last week’s run to the downside:

Here are the top 10 winners along with last week’s performance as well as their M-Index rating:

USO (+4.91%, 20)
DBO (+4.01%, 10)
GSG (+3.56%, 14)
DBC (+2.81%, 11)
DBA (+2.78%, 7)
DBE (+2.70%, 7)
BLV (+2.66%, 2)
FXY (+2.63%, 1)
TLH (+2.54%, 2)
DCR (+2.39%, -4)

In case you are interested, the worst performer was UTH (-14.69%, -8). While we currently have no investments in any of these ETFs, this may change if the momentum numbers continue to show improvements to the upside.

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