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Something that’s been bugging me for a long time is the fact that I have only been able to publish the weekly StatSheet data in PDF format.

Over the past weekend, I finally figured out a way to extract the numbers for use in a spreadsheet. As a result, starting with this week’s publication, you will now have access to both, the PDF and spreadsheet version.

If you are afflicted with the number crunching disease, this could very well create feelings of irrational exuberance. Be that as it may, I know that this will help you in your efforts to better evaluate the numbers presented, and I am glad I finally found a way to resolve this long-term issue.

Hope you find it of value.

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  1. Thank you! Even though I wasn’t the one bugging you for this, I always felt the need to. Having it in a spreadsheet format will be very useful.
    Also, thank you for the new web format. This blog is a big improvement.
    and finally thanks for everything. So kind of you to give out so much free information and educating us.

  2. Thank you for sharing your insight with us in the street. We are all living a very busy life and I dare say that most do not have the time to spend analyzing and searching the financial domain, to hopefully make our next stock or mutual fund. I take full advantage of your insight. Thanks again.


  3. I never invest in any ETF without first looking at your weekly analysis. Saves me a ton of time and does wonders for my confidence. Keep up your good work and many thanks for your insightful comments.


  4. Hi. I like the idea of a spreadsheet, but I use Google docs. It say the .xls you provide is in an unknown or not supported format. It does not matter if I save the file to hard drive first or not. It says: “The uploaded spreadsheet format is from an unsupported version.” Please advise. Ed

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