No Load Fund/ETF Tracker updated through 3/18/2010

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My latest No Load Fund/ETF Tracker has been posted at: Fed’s unchanged stance on interest rates provided the ammunition to move the major indexes higher. Our Trend Tracking Index (TTI) for domestic funds/ETFs has now crossed its trend line (red) to the upside by +5.00% keeping the current buy signal intact. The effective date was June 3, 2009. The international …

Pros and Cons of Muni Bond ETFs

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With the continuation of the Fed’s zero interest policy, investors are hunting for higher yields, and Muni ETFs have been the target as well. There are some pros and cons to investing in Munis in this market environment as discussed in “Muni-bond ETFs in a state of flux:” Investors starved for yield continue to stuff cash into exchange-traded funds that …

Income Investing: An ETF That Buys CEFs

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Forbes featured an interesting article titled “Fixed-Income ETF For Income And Gains.” Let’s listen in: This fund kicks out a decent yield, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some decent capital appreciation down the road. We have heard of closed-end funds buying exchange-traded funds as part of their portfolio; it only makes sense. After all it is a fast …

A Turnaround Day

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Whether you like or not, the markets are showing some incredible resilience to sell offs. Yesterday, several reasons caused the major indexes to head south at first, but a last hour recovery limited the potential damage and actually pushed the S&P; 500 to its best close of the year. News reports that Moody’s is warning the U.S., along with several …

Marc Faber Predicts 20% S&P Correction

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Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Doom and Boom report has some interesting thoughts on the next market correction, the Dollar, the Euro as well as stocks and bonds in the long run. Take a look at this video: [youtube=]

Sunday Musings: The American Greek Crisis

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The Greek debt crisis has been on and off the front pages for months. With just about all western civilizations being deeply indebted to varying degrees, the question in my mind is whether a similar situation could develop here in the U.S. and if so how do we deal with it as investors? To some, we’re already on our way …