New Ranking Scheme For Target-Date Funds

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Target-date funds, which are widely used in 401k plans because many investors assume they have less risk, failed miserably during last year’s market meltdown. SmartMoney reports that Morningstar now has come out with a new ranking system designed to make it easier to compare these types of funds: Ever since target-date funds were introduced a few years ago, critics have complained …

No Load Fund/ETF Tracker updated through 9/10/2009

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My latest No Load Fund/ETF Tracker has been posted at: bulls remained the upper hand during the first week of September, and all major indexes gained. Our Trend Tracking Index (TTI) for domestic funds/ETFs has now crossed its trend line (red) to the upside by +7.88% keeping the current buy signal intact. The effective date was June 3, 2009. The …

How Much Risk Can You Handle?

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Two days ago in “A Hopeless Reader,” I talked about the importance of knowing your risk tolerance. Reader Mel had this to say about it: I’m worried too, but going from fully to zero to 75% invested in a matter of days? If I don’t know which way the market is going, I try to pick a percentage–50, 30, etc–that …

Reader Confusion

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One anonymous reader had these comments a few days ago: Can you please explain how someone who appears to advocate Market tracking investing using stop losses can also advocates hedging “the simple hedge strategy”? The 2 strategies seem to be completely opposite approaches to investing. Can you please explain to me why you advocate both approaches, and the advantages of …

A “Hopeless” Reader

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In case you missed it, reader Chuck had some interesting comments a few days ago: It’s true that there are so many conflicting opinions as to whether the markets will rise or fall. There are good cases to be made on either side. It seems to me that, up until now, the big money is betting on this bull.…I think …

No Post

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I am actually taking the day off to enjoy my 36-year anniversary of having immigrated to the United States. Regular posting will resume tomorrow.