Touch And Go

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Yesterday was a day of pondering in the markets, as concerns mounted about the possibility that the global recovery might be slowing down. Inflation concerns in China and Great Britain occupied front page news followed by disappointing domestic retail sales in January. Energy shares were a drag on the market, after Monday’s strong jump, following the theme that potentially slower …

Dip Buying Is Alive And Well

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Despite elevated market levels, and fears of a correction, the dip buying mentality is alive and well as Reuters reports in “Buy That Dip, Baby:” The new national pastimes are calling the top of the stock market, commenting on Middle Eastern affairs and — buying dips. Stocks have shown remarkable resilience as investors snap up any drop in prices, even …

Sunday Musings: An All ETF 401k

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It had to happen eventually. A major player would offer an all ETF 401k plan. While only very few custodians have ventured into that arena, Charles Schwab & Co. has announced that they are up to the task as well, as ETF Trends recently reported: This news should cheer investors who want to see a wider array of all-exchange traded …

On Risk And Complacency

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I don’t quote Barron’s very often, but they featured a nice piece on risk titled “That’s Better Now.” Let’s look at some highlights: Investment success last year meant embracing risk. Certainly, it wasn’t hard to find. Following 2009’s sharp rally, investors had to confront their fears about weak U.S. housing and employment, Europe’s ugly sovereign balance sheets, May’s violent flash …

No Load Fund/ETF Tracker updated through 2/9/2011

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My latest No Load Fund/ETF Tracker has been posted at: Continued upside momentum pushed the major indexes to another winning week. Our Trend Tracking Index (TTI) for domestic funds/ETFs has moved above its trend line (red) by +5.47% (last week +4.85%) and remains in bullish mode. The international index has broken above its long-term trend line by +9.08% (last …

Short Post

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No post today, since I finally had my long overdue cataract surgery done. It turned out to be successful, but my vision is still a little blurry, which makes reading and writing a bit of a challenge. I should be back to normal within a day and plan on sending out Friday’s weekly newsletter as usual.